Numbers aren’t complicated when you have the right accountants. 


At Martin & Associates, we believe the more you know about your finances, the more prepared you’ll be to handle them. Since 1981, we’ve been giving our clients the knowledge to understand, analyze, and navigate their financial decisions with confidence. Our high-level of experience combined with a strong focus on customer service, provides our clients with the expertise of a large firm and the personal attention of a small one.  



Most people only call their accountants when it’s tax season, and while we do our fair share of returns, Martin & Associates can help with your accounting needs all year.



Complete Financial Reporting

An annual, quarterly, or monthly bookkeeping service that includes a balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows.


Individual Income Tax Returns

Full preparation and explanation of your individual 1040 tax return from single W-2 returns to more complicated returns including multiple rental properties or independent contractors.

Corporation Income Tax Returns

Typically paired with our financial reporting service, we can expertly prepare C-Corporation, S-Corporation, and LLC tax returns for companies of all sizes. 


Multiple Income Statements

In-depth preparation of separate statements of income based on you company’s location. 

Corporate Minutes

Preparation of the annual minutes for corporations including a meeting with all officers of the corporation.


Unlike other online solutions, we handle the entire incorporation process including preparation of the initial bylaws, minutes, and stock issued.